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Never Going Home is an action-adventure video game. It was released for Windows on December 11, 2020. Ultra-smooth gameplay, and every move, slash, and hit feels deadly and enjoyable!  With a strong emphasis on upgrades, you will need to improve while running to be able to complete it.  Improving and mastering skills is the path to victory. Would you like to be closer there? Upgrade your sword and speed! Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before downloading.

The First World War was a historical event. The conflict completely changed warfare and politics on a global scale. Wartime advances in technology and manufacturing revitalized industry, design, and the overall economy. Never Going Home Game Social and psychological scars have led artists and thinkers in bold new directions. This role-playing game takes place in the desolate, bloody, and dirty trenches of the European theater of war. The horrific events of the Battle of the Somme tore apart the veil protecting our mundane reality from malevolent outsiders called the Others. Rather than unite against this larger threat, the Central and Allied powers viewed this covert invasion as a powerful new weapon to use against each other in the hopes of changing the balance of power in a rapidly stagnating war.

Game Features:

  • Incredibly smooth gameplay and movement: every hit and run feels deadly and satisfying!
  • Since there is a big focus on upgrading, you will need to level up throughout your career to be able to complete it.
  • Leveling up and mastering skills is the path to victory. Want to meet him up close and personal? – Improve your sword skills and speed!
  • Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Improve the speed of your bullets and rockets! The choice is yours!
  • Cute game! But sometimes you’ll find yourself covered in piles of blood!
  • Dead? You’ll have to start from scratch! There are no checkpoints or hoarding.
  • Although your player rank will reset every time you die, you will not lose your pro rank, allowing you to start with a better weapon.
  • Complete the race in the shortest possible time! Are you in a fast-paced career? Public so others can challenge you!


  • The Journey is the introductory part of the role-playing game, consisting of a series of short episodes.
  • At the beginning of the Journey, players put certain cards into a group to achieve a certain composition (all black cards, one of each suit, etc.);
  • The storyteller tells the players which cards should end up in the pool, but the players cannot coordinate with each other to ensure the requirements are met. Success gives a bonus to the unit (group), and failure imposes a penalty.
  • After the players have dealt their cards, the storyteller shuffles and deals them.
  • Players take turns sharing short scenes inspired by the cards they dealt to each other.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 / Vista / 8/10
  • Processor: Core I3
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 500 MB free space
  • Video card: GeForce GT 710 2 GB DDR3
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

How to install:

  • Unzip the file using Winrar. (Download Winrar)
  • Open the Never Go Home folder >> Game.
  • Then double-click on the NeverGoingHome icon to start the game. Made!


Despite some financial problems, I still really like Never Going Home. (If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have spent hours writing this review.) The book has some flaws, but I think it uses a solid middle-weight system, the concept is compelling, and the creative writing and art support it quite well. It won’t suit everyone’s tastes, but if it matches yours, Never Going Home is worth your time and money.


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